Why Choose Us

100% Quality is important to us and we adapt quickly to changes in paint technology, decorating products and methods, using the best materials and equipment available. We are a friendly, reliable and competitive decorators with a history of providing a first class finish to all our new & existing clients .

Here are some of the reasons we feel you should choose us:

Professionalism. A vast majority of our work is based on recommendations. Therefore, we will do all we can to make sure the job is finished to the highest standard. Our goal is to leave the finished job with an excellent customer rating, before and after photos (if permission is given) and a recommendation.

Accuracy. Every quote is done accurately with no hidden costs and what we will say is exactly the amount you will pay at the end of the job. The preciseness of our quote enables us to provide you with the best quality staff at an affordable price.

Safety. Painting can be dangerous, whether were working up a ladder or dealing with solvents and dust. Hiring first class finishers means you don’t have to worry about these issues.

Preparation & Painting. Preparing the surface properly is 90% of the work and makes all the difference while the actual painting makes up just the other 10%. First class finishers knows the value of preparation and its importance and we will aim to achieve that perfect finish every time

Clean & Tidy. We clean up after ourselves as much as possible every day. And when the job is finished, we’ll make sure that we clear up everything. Also, we will aim to leave you some leftover colours or materials just in-case there’s a touch up needed down the line.

Customer Satisfaction. The difference is in the small details. We never overlook the little things. Whether it comes to quoting, painting performance or keeping the place clean and tidy, we aim never to disappoint. We strive to go above and beyond the call of duty and ensure precision on every job.